Interested in establishing your own e-liquid line? We gladly share our craftsmanship and expertise with our partners. Are you looking for a strong partner to develop your own e-liquid? We would be pleased to assist you in that regard! While our products are fully manufactured and tested in the Netherlands, they are not solely dispatched from the Millers Juice factory bearing our own logo; we also serve numerous customers in supplying them with private label e-liquid.

Our craftsmanship, your brand.

From A to Z.

Many clients have preceded you in the past few years. This is hardly surprising, given that Millers Juice is the ideal partner for the market launch of your private label e-liquid. As we have our own design team, skilled professionals and access to an extensive range of facilities, Millers Juice is capable of carrying out the development of your own brand of e-liquid from A to Z.

We at Millers Juice offer full service, from flavour development to registration of your brand. Our craftspeople can assist you in developing and producing high-quality e-liquids, while we are pleased to apply our extensive knowledge in relieving you of the entire burden of establishing your brand. Furthermore: the quality standards we set for our own brand apply to every e-liquid that leaves our production plant.

Control & freedom of choice

We are pleased to cooperate with our partners throughout the process. The client nevertheless retains both a considerable degree of control and freedom of choice, as we aim to utilise the full potential of all parties involved. Are you interested in establishing your own e-liquid brand or outsourcing your existing brand(s) to Millers Juice? In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to schedule an introductory meeting, free of any further obligation.

Our team

Expertise, craftsmanship and quality are key terms at Millers Juice. However, they simply cannot be achieved without the craftspeople who form a passionate team. A workforce of seventy pulls out all the stops on a daily basis with a view to retaining our market edge. They do so both for our own brand and those that we establish in close cooperation with our clients.

It is in our interest to offer our customers a complete taste experience. Craftsmanship stands for devotion to both one's trade and superior quality products. We at Millers Juice therefore endeavour to serve as the millers of this day and age. By becoming both masters of our trade and fully acquainted with literally every aspect of it. This is a continuous process that we enjoy executing daily in cooperation with our customers and partners.
We are modern-day millers. We are Millers Juice.

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