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Millers Juice stands for Dutch craftsmanship and expertise. In this respect, we are comparable to the traditional miller, who has long been renowned for his extensive skills and thorough knowledge of his products.

Based in Oosterhout, the Netherlands, a workforce of some seventy modern-day millers plies our splendid trade on a daily basis.

We are fully committed to producing a 100% Dutch e-liquid range in accordance with all applicable guidelines, while continually striving to further specialise our professional expertise. We are not only adept in the field of production, but also remain up to date with developments in all facets of our trade: the production and sale of e-liquids.

About Millers Juice

About Millers Juice

We are proud to present the first Dutch e-liquid brand: Millers Juice. Our plant in the Netherlands has been producing Millers Juice in full compliance with the TPD since 2014. Millers Juice was invented with a view to replacing the traditional cigarette with a contemporary alternative. Our e-liquid is manufactured using Dutch craftsmanship. Similarly to traditional millers, we use only superior ingredients of the highest purity.
In-house production & inspection

In-house production & inspection

We produce tens of thousands of bottles of e-liquid at our plant in Oosterhout on a daily basis. We therefore have our own laboratory, which vouches for our products’ compliance with the stringent Dutch standards applicable. It performs numerous tests on a daily basis, such as establishing the purity of the raw materials, before we proceed to process them. And it goes without saying that our e-liquids are also extensively inspected following production.
Private label

Private label

We gladly share our craftsmanship with our partners. Are you looking for a strong partner to develop your own brand of e-liquid? We would be pleased to assist you in that regard! While our products are fully manufactured and tested in the Netherlands, they are not solely dispatched from the plant bearing our own logo; we also serve numerous customers in supplying them with private label e-liquid.

Our craftsmanship, your brand.

Our products

We at Millers Juice firmly believe that understanding customer requirements is an essential part of supplying a quality product. Our craftsmanship is therefore manifest in various product lines, each catering to a different customer need.

Further information about our Silverline, Chromeline, Platinumline and Goldline products follows below...

Millers Juice Silverline

Millers Juice Silverline

Millers Juice Silverline is our original line of e-liquid. It was launched in 2014, in response to the demand for high quality e-liquids produced in the Netherlands. Our Silverline consists of 39 different flavours and is available in 10ml packs with nicotine contents of 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml.

The Silverline is aimed at those known as switchers; people in the process of switching from traditional tobacco to e-cigarettes. The Silverline e-liquids have a 70% PG / 30% VG ratio, which lends them a pleasant sensation in the throat. This feature, also known as the throat hit, makes it a highly suitable line for people looking for a substitute to traditional tobacco.

The Silverline is ideal for consumers who are still in the process of establishing their e-liquid flavour preferences, but do not want to spend too much on it. The range comprises mainly straightforward single flavours, such as Banana, Strawberry, Tobacco, Kiwi, Shag and Cigar. The Silverline is characterised by its subdued packaging in a range of colours, each of which represents a particular flavour. Furthermore, as the recommended retail price of the Silverline is at the lower end of the range, the search for one's favourite flavour need not prove a costly affair.

Cherry Cola
Fruit Mix
Green Apple
Red Candy
Tobacco Nr. 1
Turkish Blend
UK Menthol
UK Regular
USA Menthol
USA Regular

Millers Juice Chromeline

Millers Juice Chromeline

Electronic cigarettes are used by a large, highly diverse cross-section of society, each of whom has their own particular taste. As craftspeople, we at Millers Juice endeavour to cater to the vast majority of these taste requirements. This is a distinct feature of our Chromeline, which has been selling well for some time and comprises 10 flavours, available in 10ml packs containing 0, 3, 6 or 12 mg of nicotine per ml of e-liquid.

The Chromeline exudes a young, urban image, aimed at a target group in search of something more than simply a replacement for tobacco. Its more complex flavours and full vapour experience set the Chromeline apart from regular flavours, while it also offers consumers experimental combinations. Similarly to our Silverline, the Chromeline is a competitively priced e-liquid line.

As these e-liquids have a 50% PG / 50% VG ratio, they provide a favourable taste and vapour experience. The Chromeline is distinguished by its more complex flavours, which range from quality tobacco flavours to delicious fruity blends. Ideal for the connoisseur with a modest budget. The Chromeline has highly distinct coloured packaging. In this case, too, each flavour has its own colour.

Berry Blue
Classic M
Cool Breeze
Hot Italian
Red Passion
Royal Blend
Shisha Lounge
Sunny Day
Vanilla Dream
Wild West

Millers Juice Platinumline

Millers Juice Platinumline

Our endeavour to provide a high quality replacement for traditional tobacco, in an artisan yet contemporary manner, is truly reflected in our Platinumline. This Millers Juice e-liquid line is characterized by its excellent tobacco flavours, such as British Tobacco, American Tobacco and various other flavour blends. The Platinumline is available in 10ml packs with nicotine contents of 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml.

The Platinumline is aimed specifically at enthusiasts of the full taste sensation. To an even greater extent than the other Millers Juice lines, our Platinumline focuses on interpreting popular tobacco flavours into a unique vapour experience. As expressed in its robust look and feel, our Platinumline is aimed at the end user who always strives to push back life's boundaries in search of ultimate experiences.

The Platinumline has a base ratio of 50% PG / 50% VG and is therefore ideal for most types of e-cigarettes. While this medium-priced line is recognizable thanks to its uniform packaging, each flavour nevertheless has its own distinct colour. This line is designed to cater to the demand for a complex vapour and tobacco flavour.

Similarly to other Millers Juice lines, the Platinumline is based on our thorough understanding of the environment, the customer and the product. Our combined insight in these areas enables us to create the most pleasant flavours.

African Tobacco
American Tobacco
British Tobacco
French Tobacco
Fruit Punch
Fruity Menthol
Pipe Tobacco
Strong Menthol
Yogurt Amarena

Millers Juice Goldline

Millers Juice Goldline

Different customers have different tastes and requirements. We therefore utilised all our product knowledge and technology when developing our latest e-liquid line, which is the absolute crème de la crème of e-liquids: Millers Juice's Goldline. Thanks to its combination of unique, complex flavour profiles and luxurious packaging, this is an e-liquid for the true connoisseur. The Goldline is available in 10ml packs with a 50% PG / 50% VG ratio and a 100% VG variant, which are available with 0, 3, 6 or 12 mg of nicotine per ml of liquid.

The Millers Juice Goldline is for those who are keen to acquire the most complete taste experience when using their electronic cigarette. As true connoisseurs, Goldline consumers settle for nothing less than the best of the best. Each of the flavours in the Goldline is a sensation in itself. The line is characterised by both elaborate and unique flavours and a rounded, sumptuous vapour output.
Aimed at the up-market segment, these e-liquids' luxurious black and gold packaging is a real eye-catcher on the shelf of any shop. Furthermore, the Goldline's highly diverse flavour profiles lend it that exceptional quality that connoisseurs continually seek.

1001 Nights
Apple Of Eden
Best Bam Buddhapest
Carribean Rum Sauce
Cherry Me Up
El Tabaco Fuego
Have Anise Day
Shamrocks Whiskey Cream
Three Strikes Out
Urban Bourbon Tobacco

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Have you any questions about either our company or one of our products, or are you perhaps interested in establishing your own e-liquid brand? In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us, free of further obligation!

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