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Millers Juice stands for Dutch craftsmanship and expertise. In this respect, we are comparable to the traditional miller, who has long been renowned for his extensive skills and thorough knowledge of his products.

Based in Oosterhout, the Netherlands, a workforce of some seventy modern-day millers plies our splendid trade on a daily basis.

We are fully committed to producing a 100% Dutch e-liquid range in accordance with all applicable guidelines, while continually striving to further specialise our professional expertise. We are not only adept in the field of production, but also remain up to date with developments in all facets of our trade: the production and sale of e-liquids.

About Millers Juice

About Millers Juice

We are proud to present the first Dutch e-liquid brand: Millers Juice. Our plant in the Netherlands has been producing Millers Juice in full compliance with the TPD since 2014. Millers Juice was invented with a view to replacing the traditional cigarette with a contemporary alternative. Our e-liquid is manufactured using Dutch craftsmanship. Similarly to traditional millers, we use only superior ingredients of the highest purity.
In-house production & inspection

In-house production & inspection

We produce tens of thousands of bottles of e-liquid at our plant in Oosterhout on a daily basis. We therefore have our own laboratory, which vouches for our products’ compliance with the stringent Dutch standards applicable. It performs numerous tests on a daily basis, such as establishing the purity of the raw materials, before we proceed to process them. And it goes without saying that our e-liquids are also extensively inspected following production.
Private label

Private label

We gladly share our craftsmanship with our partners. Are you looking for a strong partner to develop your own brand of e-liquid? We would be pleased to assist you in that regard! While our products are fully manufactured and tested in the Netherlands, they are not solely dispatched from the plant bearing our own logo; we also serve numerous customers in supplying them with private label e-liquid.

Our craftsmanship, your brand.

Contacting us

Have you any questions about either our company or one of our products, or are you perhaps interested in establishing your own e-liquid brand? In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us, free of further obligation.

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