Millers Juice stands for Dutch craftsmanship and expertise. In this respect, we are comparable to the traditional miller, who has long been renowned for his extensive skills and thorough knowledge of his products. And who is entirely at home with various aspects related to his trade, such as the weather and the range of tools used.

Moreover, we at Millers Juice continually strive to further specialise our trade expertise. We are not only adept in the field of production, but also remain up to date with developments in all facets of our trade: the production and sale of e-liquids. We are therefore fully acquainted with our product, our environment and everything that has to do with them, while we continually strive to expand our knowledge in this regard. We complement this artisanal approach by applying the latest technologies in the field of development and quality assurance in our own laboratory, optimized production and distribution, marketing and sales.

Dutch territory

All our operations, from the development process to dispatch, are carried out in our own premises in the Netherlands. Just like the traditional miller, we are entirely familiar with our product, our tools and our environment. For example, our development and testing are carried out in house using our own high-quality equipment, while we also take part in consultations with government bodies on the matter of the further expansion of our relatively new industry.

The Netherlands has a tradition of also plying its trade beyond its own borders. And we also consider this a vital aspect of our identity. The endeavour to promote our own craftsmanship has prompted us to continually look beyond our familiar environment; for new markets, new additions and new knowledge. While Millers Juice has established successful operations in several countries with a view to achieving international growth, we nevertheless give precedence to our Dutch identity.

Based in Oosterhout, the Netherlands, a workforce of some seventy modern-day millers plies our splendid trade on a daily basis.

We are Millers Juice.

First Dutch e-liquid brand

We are proud to present the first Dutch e-liquid brand: Millers Juice. Our plant in the Netherlands has been producing Millers Juice in full compliance with the TPD since 2014. Millers Juice was invented with a view to replacing the traditional cigarette with a contemporary alternative. Our e-liquid is manufactured using Dutch craftsmanship. Similarly to traditional millers, we use only superior ingredients of the highest purity. And this is continually verified by means of thorough testing in our own laboratory.

Millers Juice is based in Oosterhout, in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. Our production plant, offices, laboratory and distribution centre occupy a site measuring some 4,000m². Our team of over seventy employees cooperates on a daily basis to maintain the stringent standards applied by Millers Juice, such as the highest achievable degree of purity.

Certified production lines

Craftsmanship vouches for quality. Our TÜV ISO 9001 certified production lines manufacture tens of thousands of bottles of e-liquid daily. These products comply with all the applicable requirements, including child-resistant packaging in accordance with ISO 8317, a compulsory package leaflet and packaging in accordance with the latest TPD legislation. Our in-house testing laboratory also inspects every batch manufactured. The purity of nicotine, the nicotine content of the base and our flavours are monitored daily. Furthermore, Millers Juice possesses the very latest equipment with which to measure emissions. This is an essential requirement of the registration process of our e-liquids.

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All Millers Juice products are stored in our own distribution centre. We supply (wholesale) traders worldwide from this central warehouse. Our use of an innovative pick-to-cart system enables us to invariably pick and dispatch orders with the utmost precision, while close cooperation with international carriers vouches for rapid delivery times.

Private Label

We gladly share our craftsmanship with others. In addition to the production of Millers Juice, we therefore manufacture many other brands on a daily basis. Our private label partners choose to do business with us because they also set great store by quality, reliability and craftsmanship. Millers Juice is proud to be able to serve various brands in carrying out their production, taste profiles, marketing, design and styling.

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The above is a brief selection of the many aspects our craft comprises. However, Millers Juice is more than simply a manufacturer of e-liquids. We at Millers Juice also take our social responsibility seriously. For example, we are a recognised apprenticeship company, which offers future professionals opportunities for further personal development. In addition, we participate in various committees at national, European and global level (NEN, CEN, ISO). This implies that we remain closely involved in the development of e-liquids and the applicable protocols relating to quality, production and safety requirements. Millers Juice not only pursues further development; we also offer our staff, customers and suppliers the opportunity to share the benefits.


Every business starts with an idea. In the case of Millers Juice, it was the ambition to turn the production of e-liquid into a true craft and take it to the next level. Millers Juice's four founders started doing business from a lockup garage in 2014. And inspired by craftsmanship comparable to that of traditional millers, Millers Juice has continued to expand.

Various major developments have taken place since 2014: expanding from a humble garage to a 400m² business unit, while discovering greater opportunities and achieving increasingly high standards. Our initial team of 35 vastly expanded to reach our current proportions, boasting a 4,000m² production plant, our own development and testing equipment, and a workforce of over 70 highly motivated millers who pull out all the stops on a daily basis.

Quality, pricing & partnership

Millers Juice stands for the craft of the traditional Dutch miller. We began manufacturing e-liquids for the e-cigarette in the Netherlands in 2014, with a view to achieving our ambition of replacing the traditional cigarette. Our domestic day-to-day operations are designed to yield the highest quality, in pursuit of this objective. Following the successful introduction of the Silverline, which currently consists of 39 flavours of e-liquid, Millers Juice soon became available throughout the Netherlands. It was eventually followed by our Chromeline, Platinumline and Goldline, which now comprise a highly extensive range that caters to literally every consumer's needs.

Millers Juice has experienced extensive growth in recent years. Having moved to new premises, invested in our own laboratory, become actively involved in consultations with government bodies and firmly set our sights on the future, we are currently engaged in the daily production of high quality products that you can rely on. And Millers Juice continues to expand! The quality, favourable pricing and partnership we offer increasingly persuade entrepreneurs to opt for our products. While Millers Juice products are nowadays sold in numerous countries, we nevertheless continue to utilise our craftsmanship in pursuit of further innovation, new products and even higher quality.